Engine Stalling when starting & on 1999 Ford Windstar

Engine stalling when starting; Missing at 4000 RPM; Will not idle above 4000RPM with full throttle; Has gas odor; Check Engine Light DOES NOT COME ON. Reading of Windstar's computer with "CAR MD", gives a green light & indicates no problem. Thankyou, Respectfully

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Did you end up finding out what was causing the stalling problem?
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Maybe a mass air flow sensor or a throttle sensor or both? That is what they told me when my car did this.

Then someone else told me that the oil backed up into the distributor and it needed a tuneup, distributor , points (or whatever they call them now). It cost $800 for the second recommendation. Runs ok, still sometimes revs up and won't kick back down with the accelerator. Maybe still a mass air flow sensor and/or throttle.

Also check for a dirty and/or loose cable to the battery. Mine had that too.

Not the same car, but similar problems maybe.