Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Engine Stalling Due to Mass Air Flow/Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

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The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

Stall occassionally...On Highway, on side streets sometimes within the first few minutes of running and other times you could have been riding for hours and suddenly it uts out. -
car kept stalling, so i removed mass air flow sensor and cleaned it with maf sensor spray, i also replaced the idle air control valve after first checking for vacuum leaks. total cost iac valve $20 maf spray $5. sorry i forgot to update, the problem came back so i went online and brought a new maf sensor from advanceautoparts.com for $100(using coupon code to save $25+) installed (takes 2 minutes) car has been great ever since. 16,000 miles later no problems with stalling. again buy the part yourself and install, if you can work a screwdriver you can do this, so easy. -
Once or twice a day with no rhyme or reason car will stall. It stalls at slow speeds and highway speeds. sometimes I can put it in nuetral as I'm still rolling and start the engine again but usually I will have to pull over and wait about 15 min. before car will start again. -
My LeSabre would stall out while driving. Sometimes it would start back up right away, and other times it would take 5 or 10 minutes of attempts. No warning lights ever came on, and the computer was not generating an identification code for the problem. Research pointed towards the crankcase sensor being a common problem, so I spent $200 to have it replaced. Hasn't died again since. -
engine stalling, trans not shifting correctly,poor acceleration. had mass aiflow and map sensor replaced. -
The engine just shut down today , its like its not firing -
Not fixed, currently being diagnosed. Intermitten stalling at slow speeds. -
when engine is run after sitting all night,after driving it for about 1 mile, the engine will make a popping noise like a misfire. I happens every day. thank you -
Does not show up on obd diagnostic. I was stranded too many times to count. The crankshaft position sensor is a$35 part and takes a shop under an hour to replace. Just do it before you end up repairing other things that aren't the real prob -
intermittent stalling...was mass overflow air sensor -
Check engine lite indicated sensor was not working correctly. Replaced sensor -
stalls at high speeds tach "0"s out very brief hesitation & continues on by itself:: at lower speeds under 50 mph engine cuts off, but can put into neutral & restarts -
stalled engine -
stalls at stop light but starts again -
Engine revs then Stalls at red lights but when you restart it starts back up every time. -
stalls and cuts off. have replaced fuel pump and sending unit, mass air meter and crank sensor. still have check engine light for mass air meter. -
I have a Burick LaSable 2001 and every time it is damp or wet outside and you drive it the check engine light may come on and starts shaking and try to hessiate when driving -
first died coming off freeway (fix brake diaphragm in booster)then motor would race was Mass air, then the heater motor would run with off that was the that was the heater control thing in heater box, now my wife just called, what now -
engine stall while driving -
Engine would stall at an idle. It seemed to happen every time just as the system went into closed loop as the temp gauge reached the 1/4 mark. -
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