Oldsmobile 88 Problem Report

Oldsmobile 88 Engine Stalling Due to Mass Air Flow/Crankshift Position Sensor Failure

(28 reports)

The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

Engine dies while in traffic. Must wait over 5 hours for restart. Replace crank position sensor, engine control computer, ignition control module, mass airflow sensor, fuel pump relay......... -
engine check lite comes on. Eng RPM SURGES AT idle. Occassionaly eng stalls Trouble shooting code 01/02 -
A few times lately, with no check engine lights coming on or any other warning, my 88 would stall, sometimes while traveling as fast as 50 mph. This means no power steering or power brakes, kiddos. Fortunately, I was able to restart by shifting into neutral, but its not very fun or safe!!! However, changing the MAF sensor has seemed to fix the problem, and it wasn't really that difficult. -
3.8 mtr. Started six months ago. Engine would shut off while driving. Wait a few minutes and it could be restarted. The situation is random and there was no pattern. Most times it would go 2-3 weeks without a problem or longer. Replaced TPS and cleaned MAF sensor no change. Now the problem comes up as soon as the engine warms up. Idle starts to stumble and gets rougher and rougher until the engine shuts down. After that it will not restart until engine is stone cold. It was a great driving vehicle, handles very nice but it may be destined for the scrap heap as I cannot seem to identify the problem. At one point it started up cold and ran for 30 minutes. I shut it off and restarted several times. I dropped the throttle hard on it a couple times,shut it off went to restart it and it would not start. -
car stalls out 2-3 times a month will driving, i have to shift into nuetral to continue driving. having this problem for 7 months. Finally it has shut down on me,wont start. Fires up for 3 seconds,and stalls out. Changed the MAF sensor, still doing the same thing. will change the crankshift position sensor next -
engine stalls no warning,but if air is on wont stall.will replace mass air flow & crankshift position sensor -
car stalls usually under deceleration and braking. sometimes it takes 2 to 10 minutes for it to restart. much worse in hot weather -
stalls,dies, -
car stalls out and fuel pump makes a funny nosie when diein -
After filling the gas tank, my engine light came on and my car started to stall while driving it. -
Engine stalls when I let up on accelerator after the engine has heated up. -
Stalls when going low speeds. Able to start right back up after parking. Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes will happen 2 times in the same day. -
stops at low idel -
we have replaced the maf sensor 3 times in the passed 75000 miles looks like every 14 months.what going on with this -
it stalls. i pluged it into a computer and thats what it told me -
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