engine stalled now won't crank over on 1993 Ford Explorer

1993 explorer sport 4.0 auto. never a problem drove for 5miles slowed down for a redlight motor quit. my headlights were still on put in park turned key and nothing.lights went dim while turning and made a click noise under turn key just makes a click noise.

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Clean and tighten the battery cables as it sounds like a bad connection, But it might be time for a new battery
Have the battery load tested at the auto parts store (napa) because if the battery is too far gone it won't jump
Hard to tell because if the battery is low or it lost a cell stange things can happen, Have the battery load tested at a auto parts store
I have cleaned all connections tried jumping over with cables engines moves very little.still clicking noise from starter and silenoid.
But would that cause the vehicle to stall out?
i tried a new battery,changed the starter and selonoid .Starter sounds like it kicks out but not rotating motor. motor moves just slightly.Motor didn't make any noise or smoke any before hand.
problem solved;My power steering locked up on me causing the motor not to turn.Was not enough power in battery also. Thanks to all.
check the positive battery wire and replace it
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I just had to replace my starter. The silenoid still made a single click noise but the motor on the starter was bad