Engine sputters once after starting, then runs normally on 2003 Honda Civic

I start my car, it sounds fine, I drive for a few feet, and the engine sputters like it's running out of gas. After a few seconds, it starts running normally again, and continues running normally for the rest of the trip. It might happen more often on humid days? Not sure.

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How many miles on it and what kind of spark plugs are in it?
127000 miles

spark plugs are Ngk Laser Dbl Plat/Spark Plug 6 months old

problem has been happening for at least a year, so that's not it.
EVEN though that's not your problem...Have you done a visual inspection of the plugs and cylinders? If you know what to look for (beyond the obvious) then it might tell you a little more about what's happening in those first few moments the car is running...sometimes more useful info than a scanner . T-belt's been changed of coarse? New tensioner too? fuel pressure after shut-down has been checked(for internal leak-down)?
I looked at the plugs when I took them out, but they seemed normal. Haven't done any of the other things.
EGR? EVAP purge soleniod ,(Brief light clicking)?
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Try cleaning the throttle body and IAC valve or motor and see if that helps.