Engine Sputter on 1993 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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As long as I am continually accelerating or have the c/c set there are no issues. If I bareley give it gas whether it's in park or just trying to ease along it sputters terribly and almost stalls. I have already replaced the fuel filter,plugs,wires,oil etc. Any suggestions?
(2) Answers
Could be a bad Throttle Position Sensor. Is there a Check Engine Light On? Some times a Throttle Position Sensor will wear just at the point where you start to give the vehicle gas, it is called the 'tip in point'. It may or may not set a code. Good Luck!
replace the distributor...the 2 ignition module wires from dist. to the module get old,dry rotted, from heat and age and ground out..happened to me..costed me 200 buks auto zone factory replacement distributor, a new cap and rotor should fix the problem..