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1990 Ford Ranger Question: Engine speed increases when shifting

Sometimes when I shift gears in my Ranger, the engine speed will increase after I depress the clutch and remove my foot from the gas pedal. After I drive it a while, the problem will go away if I turn off the engine for a couple minutes and then restart it. My mechanic is mystified. What could cause this? biserd -
Answer 1
Did your mechanic figure out what was causing the surging problem? -
Answer 2
The fuel pressure regulator is faulty. If left unfixed gasoline will end up sucked into the brake booster wrecking it too. -
Answer 3
i had a problem like this, my truck would rev when in the clutch was pressed in, it drove me crazy, but i figured it out, i but seafoam in the gas tank, and it never happened again, my guess is i might have had water in the gas tank, seafoam removes water from fuel systems, great product, give that a try -
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