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2000 BMW 328i Question: Engine sometimes no pick up while running and engine switch ?



agazzi, Hebo, OR, May 18, 2011, 00:29

I have experienced when engine run good then when i stop the car i have felt that when engine starts press the gas cilynder engine switch off when i run the car even i press the gas cilynder full the car slowly drive. i brought to mechanic he found engine pressure leaking and he replaced and found cam shaft sensor cables worn out he replaced also. thats the only thing i replaced then engine happend like this. please help me out resolve this issues. thanks

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    May 18, 2011, 12:45

    Get a second diagnosis/opinion from a shop who deals specifically with BMW vehicles. Your description of the problem(s) are a little vague and difficult to interpret. But, from what I can tell, if you've already replaced the engine, and the car's issues have not changed, it might be an ECM/PCM problem (computer) or a transmission issue.

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    agazzi, May 19, 2011, 01:39

    HI tyreguy, sorry if your not able to interfret the problems of my car. but i'll send again about the car problems.
    1. the problem is when i push the gas pedal in highway it takes a long time to speed up, same problem at take off when I floor the pedal, accelerate very slow, then runs ok.
    2. when i starts the engine it runs but i pressed the gas pedal rpm increase then slowly goes down until engine shutdown.
    it happens only this to my car when i brought to my mechanic.replaced the fuel pressure due to leaked and cam sensor due to cables worn out. then after 1 week i experienced this to my car. i hope you can interfret my my problems in my car. thanks

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