Engine Shuts Off on 2003 BMW 525i

Occasionally, my engine shuts off and everything with it, including the emergency flashers. After a couple of seconds I can restart the car with no problem.

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Check your battery, battery cables and connections first and foremost. Then if they seem ok, take your car to a good Beemer shop because you may have a fuse panel or electrical junction box problem.

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Battery????cables...nooooooo. The car doesn't need the battery to stay running, it runs on the alternator. The sole purpose of the battery is to start the car, and maybe keep unswitched items on, like the clock.
Sounds like a security relay or something else common to the running of the entire car. Intermittent ignition switch contacts would be my best stab at it.
I have the same problem I changed 2 alternator in 3 weeks , and today my car died on my driveway. If you find what was the problem with your car, please let me know, i am desperate cause I spend a lot of money and the same problem is coming back over and over again. Please send me a mesage to Thank you.