engine shuts down with defrost or A/C on on GMC Envoy

Average mileage: 127,786 (10,000–203,620)
6 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007
25 people reported this problem
15 people shared problem details
i had this problem for a while( my personal vehicle). The truck would go into reduce engine power mode at first. Turn the engine off and restarts with no prblem. I ignored it just didn't use defrost or A/C. Than as time went on(months)it got cold here in Philly and i needed my defrost.This time the truck shut off. turned off defrost and it started right up and ran normal. i looked for vacuum leaks. not many hoses to check. finally found advice via youtube to remove throttle body and clean it. I used Brakekleen and cleaned throttle plate very dirty. reinstalled and checked. Problem Fixed!!!! Quick!Easy!and Cheap! Thanks Youtube
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cannot turn on the air or heater the car will shut off
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2004 GMC Envoy134,840
My 2004 GMC Envoy vibrates when I turn the air conditioner or heater on . It stalls while I'm driving it and it scares me and makes me think that I'm going to break down . I just put a brand new battery in and it still stalls . I smell fumes of gas.
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2005 GMC Envoy203,620
When I take it to repair shop find no numbers but I tell them my problem .no onr get it but when I'm driving run my a/c truck stalls my ABC light been coming on as well and when stop to get gas or anything truck want start. Pat Atkins
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2004 GMC Envoy85,000
when a/c on the vehicle will at times shut off
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2004 GMC Envoy120,000
engine will begin to die when A/C is on and car in or out of gear. I turn off the A/C and it runs fine and if it goes dead it will crank back up with no problem.
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2003 GMC Envoy168,000
This solved my problem! THANKS A MILLION!
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2004 GMC Envoy126,000
Heat, A/C, and defrost cause engine to stall and shut down.
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2004 Envoy.. When turned on A/C or defrost engine would stall & cut off. I turned off A/C or defrost, cranked & ran fine as long as both were off. Took to shop; had throttle cleaned. No problem since.
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2002 GMC Envoy158,000
You turn the ac or defrost on and car almost dies.
2005 GMC Envoy110,000
Engine shuts down when truck stops,when a/c in use.
2003 GMC Envoy145,000
When i turn ac on truck cuts off..if i turn the ac knob on b4 i start the engine sometimes it will continue to run but vibrates hard and later after driving for awhile it will cut off..my other problem is when i turn the defrost on truck shuts off
2004 GMC Envoy89,000
throttle body three step cleannig
stalls when driving then restarts no problem don't know why HELP
2007 GMC Envoy82,200
Changed the idle air control motor
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