Engine shuts down any time V6 w eng on 1995 Chevrolet S10

I have a W eng. it shuts down all the time, Replaced map,Gas filter,Had coil pack tested.also new fuel pump relay. I find that when eng shuts down the relay is hot.what other than fuel pump could cause relay to heat up and shut eng down ????

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Check eng. light on? Start right back up when it stalls?
No engine light. fuel pump relay kicks out after it get hot.?????
Relay is going to be hot! Have you checked the fuel pressure when engine stalls? If not, have a test guage installed to see what the pressure is when it salls!! Some testing will tell what the problem actually is.
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I had a similar problem with my 1994 S-10 6cyl. Was shutting down. I put 2000 dollars into it for a lot of the same things you did and then gave it to my brother. He ended up finding the problem. Wires were exposed and worn in the main harness. This was causing the electrical problem.