engine shut off while driving on 1997 Dodge Caravan

1st a month or 2 ago while driving the van jumps like getting too much gas. then, 1 month ago while driving the engine shuts off but i dont know right away because the radio and lights are still on. i throw it in park and restart. it's been doing that at least 3 x a week. today i was in park w/ the van running and it shut off but wouldnt restart. waited 20 min restarted drove 2 minutes back into driveway then it quit again. what could cause this?

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If by wouldn't restart you mean would not crank then alternator comes to mind. If was cranking then would need to see if missing fuel or spark when would not start. Possible ignition module if spark is problem.
I guess we are 1st going to try to replace the crank sensor. We replaced it last year when similar problems happened. But, before everything shut off, this time just the engine.