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2000 Honda Accord Question: Engine shudders as foot is removed off clutch

My Accord LX is a 5-speed manual. When I put the car into first gear and pick my foot off the clutch, the engine shudders if I don't push the accelerator hard and give it "Too Much" gas. This is especially true when I start the car first thing in the morning. It still does it when the car is warmer but not as violent. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. -
Answer 1
I think your describing clutch shutter, usually when the clutch disc start to wear, When was the clutch last replaced? -
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This is the original clutch that was in there when I purchased the car new. -
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Probably time to have the clutch replaced get a estimate over the phone P and K automotive 2598 bayshore blvd SF Ca 415-742-2877 these guys have done quite a bit of work on my vehicles and the train station is right there. Ask for Ko tell them Repairpal sent you -
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I will contact them for a quote. Thank you for your suggestions. -
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Hello Tcambri, I was wondering if you ever found out what the problem was with your car. I have the exact same problem with almost all gears though, 1st is worst, 2nd, and 3rd just barely does it as well. I have a similar year and model, civic 2001 so maybe it is the same problem. Whole clutch assembly replaced 2 months ago so I am very confused. I've been told my front axles are very bad and need replacing, could this have something to do with it? -