engine serial # location? on 2003 Ford Ranger

where is the engine serial #located on 2003 ranger? can it be seen with engine in the truck? Sounds dumb I know, but I can,t find it

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Why do you need the actual serial # of the engine? The vin # has all the info. you should ever need! The 8th digit of the vin designates which engine you have. If you just want to know which engine it has, look at the emissions lable on the underside of hood.
My 2003 ranger ,4cyl, 5 speed manual has a bucking/ hesitation @15-1800rpm. New wires/plugs/filters did not correct. the repairman says the engine may have been changed and some of the electronics may be different resulting in my problem. I wanted the verify the engine ser.# thinking that would help to solve the problem.Any help you can offer will be very much appreciated.Do I need a new mechanic???
Thanks for you help.
Find another mechanic! One with a real scanner and knows how to use it. This should not be a problem to fix if some meaningful testing is done!
Thanks, will look for one today and post the "fix" when found.
Cool, that may benefit other's with similar problem,
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To get this number would require major disassembly to get.
Really! what is the problem you are having with that 11 year old truck.
Thanks for the info. The problem with the truck is there is a bucking/hesitation at about 1500-1800 rpm. A major tune-up [wires/plugs/all filters] did not correct the problem. The repairman says the engine may have been changed and therefor some of the electronics may be different causing the problem. I just bought the truck and have no knowledge of an engine change. I thought if I could verify the ser.# of the engine it would help. Any suggestions you can offer will be very much appreciated. The truck has a 4 cyl. engine, 5 speed tran. and has 87000 miles. As bad as it runs, I love the truck and hope it can be fixed. Do I just need a better mechanic? THANKS