Engine running Rough on 1994 Lexus SC300

Washed my engine and now my engine runs rough. it has been three days now can not figure out what is wrong, checked the distibutor cap and the coil wires for moisture. just recently changed out the power steering pump, notice today that my rack and pionion is leaking from both sides.

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I think you got water in the sparkplug wells in your engine and you need to dry that area out well. I use compressed air for this. Any water or oil there will short the sparkplug energy to the cylinder head. The electricity will burn through the sparkplug boots to short to the head (ground) if given a chance. This is a common problem after washing a motor.
When you remove the sparkplugs for any reason, remember to use a small dab of anti-seize compound on the sparkplug threads to avoid corrosion, especially since the plugs are set into deep wells in the heads.
Sorry about the steering rack, sounds like you'll be working on that too.
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Be smart dont wash engines, water could cause numerous issued,shorts and many other issues!