Engine runnig rough during fast throttle on 2000 Toyota Camry

My Camry is running rough(almost stalling) when i try to accelerate quickly from a slow roll or stop. I have cleaned most everything, but did not help. The engine runs fine in most other situations whith the occational temporary miss at road speed. HELP!

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The next thing that I would check are the plug wires, spark plugs and coil pack. Do you have a Check Engine Light on ( the yellow little engine in the right side of the instrument cluster ). If you do, then you can retrieve the code or codes which will really help you figure out what the problem is. When was your last tune up and fuel filter replacement?

If the Check engine Light comes on and off, you definitely have a code stored, since your car is OBD-II. The first thing I would do is have the power train computer scanned for codes. Tell me what that code number is, then I can help you.
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Change air & fuel filter. Check TPS (throttle position sensor) & MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor. Check if catalytic converter is not cloged.
I have change the fuel filter, new coils, plugs and wires. Cleaned the Idle air control, checked for vacuum leaks. I have not replaced the idle air control,throttle position sensor, or MAP sensor. The check engine light comes on and then goes back off. The diagnostic computer did not help in this case (unfortunately). I just did not want to replace $500 worth of parts and still have the same problem.