engine revving up on 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante

whats causing my engine to rev up to 2200-2300 rpm for no apparent reason? still does it if i shut engine off and restart. then it will go back to normal,about 7to800 rpm.

by in White Bluff, TN on January 11, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 11, 2010
Is the check engine/service engine soon light on? If so plugging a scan tool into the diagnostic 16 pin socket under the dash will indicate where the problem lies. The problem may also be caused by a vacuum leak, defective idle speed control valve or low coolant level in the engine. Check the coolant level first.
ANSWER by on October 12, 2011
It could be your fuel injectors are dirty and instead of spraying they are spitting my cutlass does the same thing or it could be an idle clinoid problem just lower your idle screw on the throttle body or carb.
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checked vacuum lines,they seem ok. check engine lite is not on,but the coolant lite is. coolant is full in radiator and the reservoir. started black smoking, bad egr maybe?
do you check the engine trouble codes with a pin or paperclip like the obd1 system like a gm vehicle? if so, which pins in the connector do you use? i also have a PWR light coming on now. any ideas...
I would like to thank you for your time and helpful answers. My daughter bought this car without me checking it out first. Seems these cars came from the factory with alot of problems,(electronics,...

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