Ford F-150 Problem Report

Ford F-150 Engine restarts very rough when warm

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Truck starts when cold and runs fine as long as I don't shut it off. When trying to restart the engine while its hot it runs very rough for a minute or two then runs fine again. -
My truck was running fine then lost power started running rough like it was barely getting any gas found that my exhaust pipe was glowing red and catalytic converter too had the checked they were ok changed fuel filter still same problem runs but with no power and runs rough -
When cold, the engine started up and idled OK but after driving it somewhere then shutting it off and trying to restart, it barely started and ran very rough for a while. Pulled the codes out and they were 172 and 211. The 211 is regarding the PIP signal. Replaced the ignition control module ($54.99 from Advance Auto Parts) on the driver's side fender well and now it runs like a champ. -
When starting cold,runs great, if I drive downtown and back(30 miles) turn it off and restart, it idles rough for just a few seconds then it's normal -
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Intermittent rough idle may be caused by the EGR sensor sticking, causing the EGR valve to stay slightly open. The valve and sensor must be replaced together to correct this concern.
engine has a slight is not constant. it idles perfect. seems like slight electrical miss while driving. i have changed plugs ,wires,cap and rotor and coil. what else can i do
The trucks starts right up and runs fine. But when trying restart it, it starts, but runs extre...
its has around 40lbs at idle 2 or 3 lbs the engine has 125000 mile on it very will takin care o...
very small amount of heat till blower is turned on or you start driving. If you put Blend door...