Engine replacment on 1995 Ford Ranger

What year , make and model engine can i use in a ford ranger 1995? Im not sure if the head is cracked or the block is cracked pretty sure its not a head gasket as the water leak is small. By the time i do all the work and buy the materials to find out i think it would be less expencive to replace the motor with a known good motor from a parts car.

by in Saratoga Springs, NY on January 01, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 01, 2010
I would use a 1995 ford ranger engine. In1996 the system really changed so I would stay away from those. Possibly 1993-1995 would work, but be really sure. Do NOT use any of the Sensors or the intake, just use the long block i.e. the head and block
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