Engine replacement estimate on 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS

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Wasn't in the estimate section, did a quick search to no avail. Have a 1994 SS Impala with over 185K miles. Been extremely well taken care of, but have a head gasket starting to go. My mechanic isn't keen on replacing just the gaskets on such a high mileage engine. That make sense? Also, what would the difference in cost (labor more than anything) from a crate engine to a non-crate engine? I appreciate the assistance.
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My book shows a time of 12 hours to remove and replace a complete long block, But this time doesn't include transfer of manifolds, valve cover,oil pan,timing cover and water pump. The GM dealer can give you a price on a crate engine or contact

G M Sports Salvage Inc
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Maybe they has a low mileage 350 in stock
i would go crate 383 with holley fuel injection.. way more power and no major mods are necessary ie drive shaft tranny mount motor mounts will stay the same with the 383