Engine replace??? on 2002 Pontiac Aztek

We are going to put a new engine in our daughters 2002 pontiac aztec. She blew the engine, but the car is super clean, no rust, New brakes, New tires, etc. Question, is it worth putting a new engine in, and does it have to be a 2002 pontiac aztec engine? Can it be a newer year or different? Please help!

Repair will exceed car's value but if you like it and aim to keep it it's better than buying a new one! Salvage yard has the interchange info.. I'm sure more engines will work! Ps,, aint worth much at all without an engine, so i say fix it!
So just do what we were thinking, just replace with a used engine ( with a warranty ) I know they don't have the best reviews, but everything else was fixed and is so clean! So we were thinking it will be worth replacing the engine to have a car with no payments ( verses financing a newer ) for a few years!? And yes your right, it's been sitting in our garage just taking up space!
Yeah, almost got to fix it! That's what i would if it were mine. You will know what you have then! Beats the heck out of payments!! They aint much pretty, lol,, but very 'practical' and versatile vehicles sure enough!
Yes agreed! Thank you! :) my daughter was replacing all the little things, the new tires and brakes were put on the week before the engine blew! ( and 2 weeks before she paid it off ) :/