1998 Toyota Camry Q&A

1998 Toyota Camry Question: engine replace

How much cost me to replace my engine for my car toyota camry 1998 -
Answer 1
There was a recall on the v-6 1998 camarys. The oil didn't circulate through the motor correctly. Toyota rebuilt my 98 camary motor for free. -
Answer 2
With the v6, you are looking at 2000-2500 for used, I bought one used 54k miles for 1200, and put it in myself. Estimates to put it in varied from 500 -1500. The v6 is pricey compared to the four banger. -
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...JDM or something similar). So...if you guys could give me an estimate for the labor cost of an engine replacement, it would be much appreciated.
I need an estimate of the cost to replace the engine with a used or rebuilt including labor.