engine quits on 1994 Ford Mustang

72 351 c, runs fine at idle, stops when put in gear, auto trans C6 trans. Holley 4 barrel, malory unelite dist,air gap intake, new 1800 stall converter, camed,roller lifters. 30 over, 10.5 to 1 pistons. replaced vacumn lines and sealed.

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vacuum secondaries?
is you have a stupid cam you might not be getting vacuum, at least enough to open the secondaries to keep it idling.
if you goose it and let off completely does it die?
Only stalls when put in gear, replaced power valve and nozzels this has helped now to up the converter to 25oo stall and should solve problem. What do u think of TCI converters, one man said there worth 10 cents, sounds bad,huh. Yes the cam is too radical, when rebuild done I wanted mild hp increase, the man went all out.. Thanks Allan.