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2000 Honda Civic Question: engine question- 2000 honda civic lx

what will cause 2000 honda civic overheat and not hold any water ? -
Answer 1
maybe you have a leak somewhere -
Answer 2
Is the coolant leaking out? If it is not leaking on the ground check your oil dipstick to see if the oil is a milky white color. If it is this color the coolant is going in the engine and the car should not be driven to avoid any further damage which will cost you more in repairs. -
Comment 1
thanks for above responses --was told need a intake manifold gasket -- i have no idea -- would this be a required part to fix a leaking radiator hose ? thanks, -
Comment 2
Second look would be a good option.Not positive , but don't think there are any coolant passages on that intake.Maybe T-stat housing? Maybe you meant HEADGASKET? -