Engine problems and no start/hard start on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

The problem has been for 7 months now, It has gone in to 3 diffrent speicalized shops. The car is still doing the same thing nothing was fixed all 3 times just exhausted all my money. The car will cranck over sometime(warm weather)but it either will not start or it will start but it will stall and turn off. When it's cold it cranks a few times but does not start at all. Once the car is started though it stays on and I can shut it off as long as It is driven for a little or to let the temp get to the middle of the temp gage. If I let it sit for longer than 1 hour or long it will not start again especially if it's cold out. This is what has been changed the ignition engine coils. The crank shaft position sensor (Twice) The crank shaft position hose. The spark plugs. The complete engine was replaced.( It didn't start when I went to get the car the first time). None of the shops can pin point it they keep giving recommendations I pay for them and still have the same problem. $6, 000 later and 7 months later. Do you think it's the fuel system flush or the N 80 purge valve, the pistons, cylinders, combustion chamber coil pack harness spark plug wires? Heat core?

by in Pueblo, CO on April 29, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 29, 2011
The problem with a question like this is it is loaded with so many probabilities, I would be looking at scantool data, like fuel trim values, coolant temp sensor and even oxygen sensors, before I spent anymore money. I have a good friend in Boulder may be worth the trip!
ANSWER by on November 12, 2014
I have a Jetta 2004 with the 2.0 BBW engine in the shop. Hesitates to start when cold. When it finally starts it runs rough and stalls. After reading the actual values with VAG COM I found that the cooling water temperature reading was 98 Degrees Celsius which is close to boiling point and it's not that hot in the shop :-) with the engine being cold. Replaced the coolant water temperature sensor and it fired right up, runs smooth. Problem solved!
ANSWER by on November 08, 2015
My 1991 Jetta did this. The. Head gasket had intermitant leak. Also fuel pressure regulator was worn out.
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