engine problems on 1996 Mazda 626

the car idles spuratic, shifts all gears without touching the gas, when the car heats up about 15 mile trip when you go to stop it will cut off or attempt o you can put in nutreal and it is fine what is wrong i have heard it was tha mass air flow censor and o2 censor

by in Guthrie, KY on October 05, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 05, 2009
On the 2.0 liter , 4 cylinder engine I have replaced a few intake manifold gaskets to fix idling problems. Has the Service Engine Soon/Check Engine light come on on your dashboard, if so your car's computer has stored in its memory valuable diagnostic information. The computer takes a snap shot of what it sees wrong and saves all the information it saw when the engine started running poorly. Even if the light is not on a professional grade scan tool allows the technician to read sensor information right of the scan tool without having to do many more intrusive and labor intensive tests out at each sensor. Fuel trim, air fuel ration, measured air flow into the engine and Oxygen sensor input values read off the scan tool is a valuable first step in figuring out the root cause of your engine's problem. I hope it turns out too be something minor.
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