1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager Q&A

1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager Question: Engine problem

My car started acting very strange today. It rained very hard y'day. When I started the engine, it popped back thru the air cleaner box. As I was driving, the engine would surge and the speedometer would fall back to zero then go to about 80. If I feathered the throttle, it would run pretty good. I haven't had anything like this before. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
Sounds like water got into some of your engine electronics. Let you car idle and run the heater for hours until it really dries out and then see if everything is normal. -
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When engine warms up the oil light comes on and stays on. Have had the oil changed, there is no noise or vibrations from the engine...it runs smooth. Could it be a sensor or oil pump problem? (...
our oil light came on.. changed oil and filters and still comes on and engine sounds like its missing is it oil pump or what??
After driving for some time and the fuel tank drops below below half tank, the engine shuts off but start right ups. The only light that comes on is the check oil.
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Common areas for engine oil leaks include the camshaft plug, camshaft seal (sprocket end), valve cover gaskets, cylinder head gasket and distributor.