2006 Honda Civic Si Q&A

2006 Honda Civic Si Question: Engine power

My mannual transmission civic power is very weak even in the first gear. Seem like the car is towing something heavy. What is the possible problem? Thanks -
Answer 1
Is the performance low through the other gears also? Is the Check Engine Light on? Zee -
Comment 1
seem to be like that even in the higher gears...rpms high but the speed doesnt increase unless i pres the gas slowly then the speed would adjust. the check engine light doest appear -
Comment 2
Time for a clutch job. Get the rear main seal replaced while they are there. Zee -
Comment 3
thanks for the advices. -
Answer 2
is the clutch slipping?? do the rpms raise but the car does not make it up to speed?? Roy -
Comment 1
Yes, the clutch is too short..only at the starting point i need to press the gas in order to get the car move -
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