engine ping on 2001 Chevrolet Venture

My engine makes pinging noises when under load, e.g. going up a hill, or accelerating hard. I am not getting any DTC's, so presumably the EGR and knock sensor are working. What course of action should I take to resolve this problem? Thanks.

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I would agree that with no fault codes stored the EGR or the knock sensor they are functioning correctly. There could be excess carbon built up in the cylinders of your 2001 Venture Van causing higher than normal compression beyond what the EGR and knock sensor can compensate for. Adding some fuel injector / top engine cleaner to the fuel for a couple of tank fulls may help reduce the carbon buildup. Always use any fuel system additive according to the manufactures recommendation. You may wish to have a qualified technician listen to your engine to make sure what you are hearing is engine ping.