Nissan Maxima Problem Report

Nissan Maxima Engine performance problems due to crankshaft position sensor failure

(11 reports)

The crankshaft position sensor can fail causing the engine to run poorly or it may crank but fail to start.

my car start rigth over but whem work for while o get hot dont start I have to wait for while to start -
knock sensor location -
All my senors going bad crank cam O2 and many more -
won't start -
problem getting car inspected -
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...ocedure for 2K2+ still with no luck, any suggestions on where to go from here? If I unplug the crank sensor it runs fine just takes a while to start. Thanks everyone for your help.
i am trying to replace the crankshaft sensor on a 05 nissan maxima can you tell us where its lo...
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