Mercedes-Benz ML350 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML350 Stalling and/or "Crank no Start" Due to Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor

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The engine may develop a stalling and/or no start condition due to a failed crankshaft position sensor.

Car would die after coming to a complete stop, and would not start afterwards. Would take a few tries, and waiting 5-15 minutes before the car would startup again. Currently getting car looked at at a shop to see if it is due to the crankshaft position sensor. -
Car stops while driving. Very dangerous. Can't be restarted. Fuel pump, filter, crank shaft sensor all replaced. Still does this. Same symptoms as before the repair work done. ($1200) Now they want to test the keys. -
Gettting on fwy onramp and lost power while accelerating. The car would not go over 15mph. ESP light went on. Pulled over to shoulder and shut off car, once I turned back on light went off and car returned to normal, for now. Taking to dealership but feel very unsafe now. -
same problem here in australia with our ml350 -
At 68,000 miles - Intermitent issue with starting - repaired at dealer as crankshaft position sensor failure and no problems since. -
CPS was replaced but still the same problem.. What should I dod and the check engine light come on now -
engine repair/maint light came on, engine hard to start, code was bad Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure. Replaced the Sensor. All well -
I had the same problem. Kept having problem starting up at random. Turned out to be the sensor. Problem gone once replaced. -
Stalled at traffic light. waited, chk engine lite came on. Started and drove 2 miles and stalled again tech diagnosis sensor issue -
2012 ML 350 four matic, transmision stuck ii P position. Multifunction display screen, do not shift gear, five separate ocassions. Juan. -
I just became a first time Mercedes benz owener and it has been hell, anyway I have had a transfer replace and now my car starts when it wants please someone help.Im hoping its only crankshaft and not nothing major im so over mercedes right now : ( -
I have the same problem I change the battery but not luck and can even put it on neutral to move it what a shame on Mercedes. -
Having it replaced as we speak. -
Occasionally while driving on main roads when coming to a stop,truck will sputter as if it is going to stall out. -
crnk and cam shaft pos sensor in same repair -
The rude people at MBUSA never helped or acknowledged that this is a problem. Replaced it spending around $1900. -
On highway,loss of power, dash board lite up. Able to pull over. Would start, as soon to put in gear, turned off. -
Failed start began last spring--increasing in frequency. Four trips to the dealership and $5000 in "repairs" have not fixed the problem. In for repairs again after it stopped in downtown Detroit and I was almost killed. -
The Car stalled and then was hard to restart, also the engine would still be hard to start even though it was not hot or had been off for 15 minutes -
My warranty just ran out 1 month ago. I had this issue 3months prior to the warranty expiring. The dealership kept the car for over 3 weeks. The problem began again within weeks. Can someone PLEASE tell me EXACTLY where this part is located? -
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