Mercedes-Benz E320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E320 "Crank no Start" Due to Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor

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The crankshaft position sensor may fail. Symptoms of this are: The engine will crank—but not start—especially when the engine is warm. The car may start again if it is left to cool off, but it may run roughly or have poor performance.

My car had trouble going up hills it would stall. I really think my engine is going to die. My girlfriend also noticed at times the car would not start but than it would start again. I notice constant hesitation when the rpm increases. My car will not start anymore I can crank it but it wont start. So on Thursday on my day off I will try to replace the Crank Position Sensor. I found a video on YouTube which is helpful the only thing is my car is a 2005 e 320 and the car he is doing the replacement on is a s500. The engine looks very similar. We will see what happens on Thursday. Crankshaft Position Sensor from Autozone = $57 E8 Socket = $8 Magnetic Retriever = $1.99 -
I happened just like those listed above. But for worst the engine cut off twice while driviing right the busy intersectiong . felt so embarrassed while sit in the car and saw the looks of the people passing by -
crank and no start scenario... being left at the busy intersection of Las Vegas, helpless. Had to let the engine cool (30min) before having to start again.... but due to heavy traffic.... engine stopped at the next intersection again... sooooo pissed off for the heavy traffic I caused :( :( :( TripleA came to the rescue but before they hooked me on tow.... my engine started.... isn't that crazy? :( Benz such a shame! -
Sometimes e320 starts and sometimes not. Don't have a good wait time corrlation as to how long to wait before it will start. Sometimes it will start after 30 minutes or so. Other times have to wait hours and other times have to wait over night. At this point in time the only thing for sure is that it will eventually start. Buy 2 new OEM keys and still same problem. Anyone, any ideals. -
I got out the car after a short drive and the car would crank when I turned the ignition but would not start. It took several tries, but it finally started and the "check engine" light was illuminated. Took to local mechanic and they diagnosed it as "P0335 crank shaft position sensor". I am looking to take to a good mechanic. Mercedes dealership is too expensive. -
I purchased the car used in 2010. I replaced two fuel pumps (diagnosed by the dealership) before someone figured out it was the crankshaft position sensor. It did not read as faulty. Symptoms at first were problems starting. It just wouldn't crank, but it was intermittent and getting worse. It finally started dying on me while driving - no sputtering, just stopping. Since replacing the crankshaft position sensor, the car has worked fine for three years but is now starting to have the intermittent starting problem again, especially when hot. -
my 2005 e320 wagon won't start. the engine turn over but does not start . left it for about half hour and then it sararted. the next day i went to start it and it does not start. does any one have answer to this problem. thanks -
Just serviced two weeks prior, not detected as faulty. Drove without incident, parked 20 min, car would not kick over, starter would cycle without spark... hours later, started right up, as MB Tech predicted. $300 to replace at MB, $60 online, and did it Myself, Torx E8 socket needed. -
vehicle crank but does not start. When it does, its stalls more frequently. -
mercedes towed and fixed -
I am ashamed of my benz -
98 e320 died in intersection often ... just shut down. would restart 30 minutes later; -
exact same as everyone else...started last fault codes read but I was due for a big tune up anyway so had all the spark plugs and wires done...yesterday happened again once and today twice at a stop light both times in heavy traffic///just STOPPED/ shut off.... turn key and it cranks but wont start till it cools down. -
My car shut down when I was driving on a busy highway. Very dangerous and scary with my 3 small children in the back seat! I was able to get to the shoulder without being hit. When I got the car to auto shop we found out that there was a failed crank sensor. I hope Mercedes Benz is reading this! -
Engine would crank but wouldn't start until 3rd or 4th try and occasionally not at all. Replacement crank sensor fixed it. -
do not start when hot. Wait to cool down and then start. -
crankshaft position sensor failed. Had it replaced by an import repair shop in Grapevine, TX -
Had to replace -
Can't start at hot enging. Check enging ligh on, P0335 -
new to this car - so it was towed to a certified mechanic - he replaced the sensor $290.00 -
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