Engine pauses on 1990 Ford Taurus

When I'm in OD and I excellerate to go faster,I press the gas pedal down and I get a slight pause/pull back and a pop sound. What causes this?

by in Louisville, GA on January 24, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 29, 2009
It sounds like an engine misfire is occuring. Does the car go in to the lower gear and eventually accelerate? It sounds like your vehicle is misfiring. When you put a greater load on in a higher gear, it takes all the that ignition coils can deliver ( the SHO motor has DIS or coil pack ignition )I worked on the SHO manual transmission equipped Taurus when they were new at the dealer. They should have a lot of power. When was the last time you replaced your wires, plugs etc?
COMMENT by on January 29, 2009
response to answer #1: It doesn't shift to a lower gear, (it's a manual shift), it just has a slight hesitation (pull back sensation) followed by a dull pop noise, then it accelerates.
COMMENT by on March 17, 2011
put new mass air on it 1998 taurus stalls and chugs cods 174 171 think fuil pump
ANSWER by on December 23, 2009
your timing is off
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after twenty minutes engine light comes on also air bag light flashes four times then pauses and repetes

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