Engine overheats on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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Engine Overheats after driving 8-10 Miles. New T-stat, readiator. Excellent flow thrugh engine and radiator. Compression 175. Coolant system test holds 16 PSI 24 hrs.
No water leaks or water in oil. No exhaust in coolant.
Heater does not blow hot air when engine is hot? No air in system. What can be the problem? Thanks for any suggestion that will help pinpoint problem.
help me correct the problem
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with no heat it is either an air block or your new thermostat is bad. make sure you bleed the system well. there are 2 bleeder screws you need to use.

above the water pump toward the front of the motor. there is a heater hose attached to the fitting. the bleeder is a 7mm bolt that you just loosen up and let air escape until coolant comes out.

Thanks Roy: I located one bleeder screw, upper left radiator, where is the other one? Thanks again