Engine Overheating leaking on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

I was Told prev owner and blown heads twice prior to me buying this told me i had a slow leak in radiator. Ive had car the car overheats if i drive it more than 2 to 5 miles Only when aceleratine. I have let it run for and hour and the temp was fine. I also noticed power loss when starts getting past half mark and ive heard a kind of whine growel sound in engine area on passanger side when accelerating from a thinking maybe Water Pump????? No money to go to shop.....any help Would be appricated

Agree with Raiderron. Have a repair shop pressure test the cooling system for leaks, do a simple chemical test called a block test (tests for the presence of Carbon Monoxide in the cooling system which is only there if the head gasket is blown or the head is cracked). Perhaps just change the thermostat your self see if that improves things.
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You have a whole list of possibilities, head gaskets damaged from repeated overheating, chance that the heads were not surfaced when head gaskets were not replaced before, if rad is leaking it needs replaced and sounds like is clogged by your description, and possibly the water pump going out as you had guessed. Good luck.