Engine overheating. on 2005 Buick LeSabre

Noticed this week that my engine temperature was running higher than normal and then all of a sudden it was in the red. Let it cool back down for a few hours drove it and the temp rose back up to just below the red. I don't see any signs of leaks. I turned it back on and let it run, the fans don't appear to be running. Not sure if that is the problem or water pump or thermostat. Any help would be useful, Thanks.

by in Cuyahoga Falls, OH on November 05, 2011
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ANSWER by on November 06, 2011
If while driving above 25mph temp stays low it will be part of cooling fan circuit. If upper hose is hot and lower hose is cool it would be thermostat or pump issue. to check the pump when engine cold remove radiator cap rev engine to 2000 rpm and look for coolant drop at radiator. AER Auto Repair llc www.aerboise.com 208-424-6717
COMMENT by on November 06, 2011
The temperature guage was reading in the red even though when the lines where tested with a temp gun and read 180. The thermostat was not open and was replaced today along with the ect sensor. But the temperature guage is reading past the red even though the lines and coolant are tested to be at 180. Is there another sensor I'm overlooking or is it related to the BCM? The Temp guage does not zero out. How long and expensive is it to rebuild a cluster?
COMMENT by on November 07, 2011
With key off does Temp gauge zero out? If not you need your cluster rebuilt. Very common on GM clusters from 2000 to 2007 we rebulid many. AER Auto Repair llc www.aerboise.com 208-424-6717
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