engine overboost condition on 2003 Ford F-150 Lightning

what is p1000 incomplete obt and p0234 engine overboost condition and how do i repair the problem? When in on the freeway and i give it speed, my service engine soon light starts to flash and when plug in a code reader, those to codes pop up.

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Hello ,, the p1000 code is not important at this time, that code just means that the computer has not run all the tests on all the systems yet.. when the check engine light starts to flash , this means you have a major misfire condition that will damage the ctalytic converter. Im suprissed that you did not have a misfire code!! from what im gathering , you may want to start with a complete tune up , plugs , wires , ect , and see if the misfire goes away, when under a load it must be running poorly, if the misfire goes away then chances are the code for po234 will go away also,, witch is a code for an overboost condition ,
was the problem ever resolved? and what was the fix
. Please post.