engine over heating on 1993 Honda Civic

after replacing radiator and thermostate, and making sure the fan works and heat in the car. it still is over heating

by in Jenison, MI on June 14, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 14, 2011
I would suspect a leaking head gasket, which is very common on this year Honda Civic.
COMMENT by on June 15, 2011
WOW, just took it to a repair shop and you were right, I was hoping for a waterpump. Thanks for your reply
ANSWER by on February 03, 2012
had the same problem with my 93 civic, radiator looks bad, thought that's the problem. but after changing the radiator and thermostat the car still runs hot, decided to change the head gasket, after changing it, the car runs normal, it was a blown head gasket... hope it helps :)
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