Jaguar X-Type Problem Report

Jaguar X-Type Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

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The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. Leaking oil may accumulate on the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell. Replacing the gasket should correct this leak.

It is a oil pan bolt that takes 8hours to remove the transaxle , Tighten the bolt and reinstall transaxle. What a joke, shame on jag -
My oil pan began leaking at 32,000 miles and even though all oil changes were done by the dealer they chose to not disclose this problem. A problem like this should have prompted a recall especially when it involved 9 hours of labor. Since the leakage was slight and the engine oil level was not reduced it was overlooked. The dealer service department had to have noticed while making the oil changes that oil was splattered so this indicates the ethics of Jaguar dealers. -
Dealer recommended a new seal for about $1200 Think I will just check the oil level regualarly -
Just found out after getting an oil change. I will take it to a mechanic for repair. -
Oil Pan Leak -
Your symptoms are correct and had it replaced but it was hard for mechanic to get to it :-( -
minor oil pan gasket leak - noted by mechanic during other service - not yet repaired. -
Oil pan leaking. Mechanic thinks it is because the pan is aluminium -
Slow oil leak also,jaguar told me I have to lift the engine to repair shouldn't that be a recall or on recall maintain? My check engine light has also been on,and the car says faulty box ,does that means the batteryB. -
my car is park i have the motor running the motor get hot form runnung' the rpm revs up and a red scenter light come on and im selling moyor burning smell 'can you please tell me what is going on, -
Not fixed yet. Jag is quoting $1,000 Others Garages I checked are slightly lower. -
minor pan leak -
I bought this car with 39,xxx and it now has 76,xxx. It has dripped oil since I've owned it and I just now got it fixed with a new oil pan gasket. NO more leak! -
oil leak from oil pan -
Oil pan gasket leak -
Oil pan gasket leaking, causing burning smell in cabin when the vent is open. -
I have a small oil leak -
Dealer claimed it couldn't cover it under warranty 3 years ago, having to pay $1400 to replace... -
slight weeping on oil pan seal , oil loss is minimal , so will just monitor in case it gets worse , if this is a regular fault with these enginines it would be nice if dealers would sort it. -
Minor leakage from the oil pan drips onto the exhaust on the passenger side and smells a little especially in cold tempertures. Not sure what its more noticable then. I have not spent a $1000 to fix it. Every couple of months I wipe down the area underneath the engine while making a regular inspection. Seems to keep the leak under control - actually its really just a weep no dripping to speak off. -
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