2007 Kia Rio Q&A

2007 Kia Rio Question: engine oil in the coolant at my last 90 000 k service. Help!!!

Mechanic says it needs a new engine - but it still runs fine???? -
Answer 1
Some oil in the radiator is what you are saying? Auto. trans? -
Comment 1
No not in the radiator - in the engine coolant tank. And the car is a manual transmission. -
Comment 2
If it is in the tank then it came from the radiator that is what the reservior is hooked to!! Unless someone put oil in the tank! Any coolant in the oil?? Should be. -
Comment 3
I will check in the morning - but since it got cleaned out and refilled with new coolant it has been fine so far??? -
Comment 4
Just keep a check on it, i wouldn't replace ahything without confirmation of what's wrong, if anything! Oil level is the most important that it is not to full or low. -