2006 Porsche Cayenne Q&A

2006 Porsche Cayenne Question: Engine Oil and filter replacement

How often should I replace the engine oil and filter? and what type? Thanks. -
Answer 1
Beginning January 24, 2001, all Porsche vehicles are now factory filled with 0w/40 Mobile 1 synthetic engine oil. It's readily available at most of the part stores. Based on your driving style, I'd replace the oil at every 5000 miles if you do a lot's of short distance, stop and go driving, 7500 miles with more long distance, highway miles. Beside a good quality oil a good quality filter is also important. Use the OE Porsche or Mann filter. I'd suggest to find a good Porsche specialty shop, they should have everything necessary to service your SUV in the right way. Zee -
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I would also recommend Lucas Oil Stabalizer, I could definately feel a difference in startup and overall smoother enginen on my Porsche -