Engine not starting died on highway on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

My dodge 360 will not start. it has low compression on all cylinders and zero on the back two on the right bank. it is getting fuel, seems to be firing. burned oil for a long time and it looks as though there is coolant in the oil so im thinking bad headgsket. but will that cause it not to start? let me know what you think and how much you think it would be to fix it. parts mainly since I will do it myself. I just don't want to tear it apart without knowing if its even worth the time to tear apart. It died on the highway, first it started shaking like crazy, its done this for a while when under pressure, so I let off so it shake itself out of the truck, then it lost all power, sputtered, and died. Will turn over and over but will not start. thanks for your help

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If there is no compression the engine will not start...