Engine noisy and turns off on 2001 Chrysler LHS

My Engine produces noise like things are grinding and I had to add more oil because it was low and the car turns off while driving and doesnt turn on. But it works after a while and turns off while driving again.

Asked by for the 2001 Chrysler LHS
It appears that you may have multiple concerns here. Running the engine low on oil will damage bearings, pistons, engine block etc. Worst case scenario the entire engine will have to be replaced. The cause of low oil whether it be external leaks or internal consumption should be addressed. As to the concern of the engine shutting off, there can be may causes. A more detailed description is needed on how and when the stalling occurs. When it stalls, does it shut off immediately, like the key was turned off or does it slowly sputter, cough and stall? Any additional information will help.
Thank you very much.
And about the engine, it turns off slowly like sputter and cough.