engine noise (sounds like a bearing) on 2003 Mazda B3000

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My truck has a bearing noise coming out of the engine. I
have ran the vehicle without the belt. The noise is stronger
on left side of the engine. (passenger side) With the belt removed, there is no difference in the noise. I am wondering
whether there is a recal. The vehicle has only 45000 miles
(2) Answers
Hey fellow mazda owner.I havent chased this myself yet,but a fellow B-3000 owner told me the mind bending chirping sound from my 99' was from a bearing on the shaft where the distributor used to be on older 3.0 engines(newer engine has coil pack instead),and the oil hole was too small for correct lubrication,hence bearing chirp.It still has a shaft in place for timing control among other things.Owner said shaft with bearings was around $70.00 and took mechanic 15 minutes to install?Something to consider anyway...