Engine Mounts on Acura TL

Average mileage: 107,489 (40,512–315,000)
Engines affected: 3.2L V6, 3.5L V6
5 model years affected: 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, more2008
33 people reported this problem
18 people shared problem details
2008 Acura TL- 3.2L V672,000
Yup same here motor mouths go bad to fast on these car I love honda but come on I expected a lot more from Acura! Disappointed
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2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V6315,000
My engine mounts have been replaced 3 times, approximately every 100,000 miles. this time all engine mounts are being replaced at the same time. Not a big problem considering the vehicle mileage
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2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V6111,000
My motor mounts also went bad around the 100,000. $500 to replace 2, front and passenger side. Seems like this should be a recall.
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2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V687,000
Auto transmission failed while on road trip. While replacing the trans, discovered motor mounts needed replacement.
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2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V6133,000
Had to replace front and side broken engine mounts. Acura technician reported cracked three months ago.
2008 Acura TL- 3.2L V697,000
Acura TL's are nice cars. I have a front motor mount brak. How i found out that it was broke, one day just looking for a new car to replace the Acura. My sales guy test drove it and it ran excellent, but he went to open the engine he showed me. The engine actually lifted up when he put it in gear. Taken to mechanics diagnosis and price quotes. $150.00 dollars for the part. But the labor is gonna get me. Havent gotten it fixed yet.
2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V6127,000
replaced 1 broken motormount 5000 miles ago.
2002 Acura TL- 3.2L V640,512
The Acura service mechanic said both front and rear engine mounts were cracked. Seemed premature , but the car was 10 years old so I changed them for peace of mind.
2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V6152,000
Was actually diagnosed about 18 months ago, but dealer didn't have them(!), so put on the to-do list. Dealer since closed, but local repair shop got them double-quick, as well as the two transmission mounts that needed replacement. Car seems much solider now.
2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V659,707
Told I need to replace my 3 Engine Motor Mounts ASAP. My Acura is idling very loudly,and feels like the Engine may fall down at anytime.
1999 Acura TL- 3.2L V6110,000
I had the front engine mount replaced (when putting car into reverse I was getting heavy thump as transmission engaged). About a year and a half I was told it was shot again, along with the passenger side mount. Mechanic said the side mounts should have been replaced earlier, that's why the front mount went out so early. Now I'm getting same symptoms again when engaging reverse.
2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V670,000
I had to put motor mounts on. If your airbag light comes on. It maybe your seatbelt buckler. They have recalls on them but the dealers are not suppose to tell you until your light comes on.
2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V684,000
The engine mounts had to be replaced and it was done by the dealer. The cost was $217.60 for the parts and $390 for labor.
2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V675,639
front and right side motor mounts broken
1999 Acura TL- 3.2L V6205,000
Ya my motor mounts are bad too...noisy to drive these days so it's on the need to fix list.
2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V679,000
Replaced 2 right side motor mounts.
2006 Acura TL- 3.2L V672,000
just found out passenger side mount is broken.
2004 Acura TL- 3.2L V683,000
I found out that at only 83000 miles my TL had to have the engine mounts replaced already at a cost of almost $800.00
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