Engine Mounts on 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

I recently had my check engine light come on, along with what seemed like a drop in the engine when I shifted from park into reverse or drive, but especially drive. Others, including the shop I usually go to, told me that it was 2 engine mounts that have gone bad. Could someone explain to me what the engine mounts are, how they go bad, and what a repair would be expected to cost?

by in Wahoo, NE on February 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 22, 2011
the mounts will never set a code. you need to have the codes pulled and write down the numbers for us to guide you. the motor mount are common. they hold the motor and trans in the exact location that the factory designed them. when they wear out, the power train moves all ove causing vibrations and noises. there are 3 mounts. the top motor mount pays around 1 hour in labor and about 90 for the mount. the other 2 pay about the same in labor and vary in price from 60 to 120 for the mounts. Roy
ANSWER by on February 22, 2011
The code could be set when bad mounts allow enough engine movement so that a sensor is hit and damaged or wire comes off. Mounts made of rubber and deteriorate over time especially if has oil leaking on them. Replace mounts, check sensors in the area and repair any oil leaks getting oil on mounts. Use repairpal for repair estimates.
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