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1992 Honda Prelude Question: engine missing and lose of power, but the car is still drive-able. For now.

i have a 92 prelude with a 2.3 dohc engine. It has 190000 miles on it. My problem started with when i had to slow down fast or come to all most a stop. When i began to give the car more gas it has no power and acts as if it wants to die. I then would feather the gas and it would pick back up, and run fine. This only happen off and on for a couple of weeks. Yesterday this happened again but now there is a miss in the engine and now it has less power and feels as if it has a slight miss when running at speed. It runs a little better once the engine warms up good. I have changed the plugs, plug wires and fuel filter. None of this helped. I can't get a diagnostic test done for a few days. Thanks for any help. -
Answer 1
Did old fuel filter have any water or trash in it? Old filter is a good place to ckeck fuel. That quick stop COULD have sent water to trough fuel system.Just a thought. I say its fuel related,may try injector cleaner. -
Answer 2
While I agree that it could be fuel related, there remains the possibility that it is an air flow issue. Due to age and mileage, it could be a fouled and failing catalytic converter. Does your vechicle have a tendency to stutter when sitting at a light, or under hard acceleration it loses power or losing power while traveling up a grade? Check tailpipe for very hot exhaust or intermittent flow. -
Answer 3
check your other post -
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Diesel fuel in tank? Ha.Ha. -
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That's NOT fun.....oh wait a minute ...yes it is . And also another possibility -someone did mention to take a fuel sample. -
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I wonder what ever happened on that other deal? You know the one i mean. -