engine missing on 1995 Ford Thunderbird

My car has sit for years had to put a tranny in it and now its missing. It still has the old gas in it, the plugs look good, and the missing clears itself up for a minute occasionally and then goes back to missing could it be the gas and if so what could be a quick and simple way to fix this?

by in Morristown, TN on April 27, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 27, 2009
You have to raise the volatility of the old gas and you can try a couple of different ways to do that. you can add unleaded premium or racing fuel. There are fuel stabilizers and Octane boosting chemicals and that you can add to make the fuel more likely to burn properly. Another way would be to have the fuel tank drained then replace the fuel filter and refill the tank with fresh fuel and see how it runs. Good luck.
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