1993 Lexus SC400 Q&A

1993 Lexus SC400 Question: Engine misses, overheats, exhaust smells sweet.

I wouldn't think that a bad head gasket would cause all of these problems but you never know. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, any help is appreciated. -
Answer 1
If the exhaust smells kind of sickly sweet, that really sounds like burnt coolant coming out of the exhaust pipe. I would have your head gasket checked ASAP by a good shop. And, yes, a blown or leaking head gasket can cause all of these problems and more. Best of Luck! -
Comment 1
If this is the case, can I still drive the car, or am I going to cause more damage to my engine. -
Answer 2
DO NOT DRIVE THIS CAR ANYMORE!!! Unless you are into putting another eng in it. -