Engine misses at idle on 2001 Ford Taurus

Had engine tuned up,replaced plug wires,fuel filter,air filter and had fuel system cleaned. Still misses while idling. Trouble Codes P0172,P0175 and P0301.

Please help!!!!

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These codes signify fuel control problems. PO301 is a specific code for misfire #1 cylinder, The other two codes say both cylinder banks have excess fuel causing the engine to run rich. I would look for a bad fuel injector, bad fuel pressure regulator or bad O2 sensor, but because the code specifically flags #1 cylinder I would start by looking at #1 cylinder, remove the spark plug see if it looks "fuel fouled".
I have a 1998 Taurus and I am getting codes PO301 PO302 and PO171. I replace EGR DPFE . Car misses at Idel and up hills
I have the same problem, they want to charge me $1600 for a 15HR JOB...they say something was sucked up my #1 cylinder head. IDK.. Thats after I spent $400 replacing everything else. Now it's just sitting, there's no way I have that just laying around.. What do u think I should do?? Is it even worth it?? The car just hit 100,000 miles it's also Ford Taurus 3.0 V6
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I have 2005 Taurus with 90k miles and the engine was sluggish and cutting out during acceleration and idle. I replaced the ignition module and it was like I had a new car!! The engine has power ... fast acceleration and smooth idle. I got the part at auto store for $88. It took 10 minutes to install. Good Luck.